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Neuropsychological Assessment

At Cornerstones Therapeutic Services, our diagnostic program offers services to improve the psychological, social, and academic lives of children and young adults. The goal of our evaluations is to help identify the strengths and weaknesses in an individual's cognitive profile. The purpose for testing is not just to help determine specific diagnoses, but more importantly, to help determine appropriate interventions to best support the individual.

Benefits from a Neuropsychological Evaluation

Anyone can benefit greatly from neuropsychological evaluation. While the outcome may result in a diagnosis, the testing process reveals a person's strengths and learning abilities. Although children can receive some psychological testing through the school system, the testing that is conducted in school can be very limited. That is because school teams cannot provide diagnoses outside of the educational setting, and while they typically administer academic or cognitive testing, it is often not enough. This is where our services come in.

We specialize in conducting evaluations to determine if there are any concerns regarding the social-emotional/academic/behavioral functioning of a child. The clinical psychologist can evaluate children, as well as young adults, in various domains, including cognition, language, academic abilities, visual-spatial functioning, attention, executive functioning, and memory. Based on the individual's profile of strengths and weaknesses, the clinical psychologist will provide a detailed report and recommendations across settings (school, home, and community). The clinical psychologist may also conduct school observations and consultation, if appropriate, and is available to meet with the individual's school team following the evaluation.

What Makes Our Neuropsychology Department Unique?

Experienced Team of Specialists

To serve you in the best way possible, Cornerstones Therapeutics has put together a team of highly qualified individuals who are specialists in their respective fields and utilize empirically supported interventions in their practice. This ensures you get the best care possible.

School and Behavioral Consultation

Our team is available to conduct school observations to observe the child in his or her natural setting in order to gather additional information about the child's strengths and weaknesses. As an adjunct to the evaluation, the team is also available to collaborate with the school team to complete functional behavioral assessments and subsequent behavioral plans, as appropriate, if there are behavioral concerns.

Multi-disciplinary Case Management

As part of our ever-expanding focus on patient care, our clinical psychologists will lead team discussions with other clinical staff to monitor and evaluate each child, to ensure each person's needs are being met under one roof. Our main focus is on implementing empirically supported interventions that ensures every child can achieve their full potential.


What sets our team apart from the rest is that we pride ourselves on our efficiency. We realize when families come to us for an evaluation, there are pressing concerns and the need for information and treatment. This is why we work hard to ascertain that the evaluation report covers all your concerns so that we can move forward to a suitable treatment plan. We can achieve this through communication with outside resources such as therapists, psychiatrists, neurologists, academic staff, and other relevant providers.

Our Evaluation Includes:

The evaluation may include testing that measures the following:



Academic achievement

Visual-motor skills

Memory and learning skills


Executive functioning

Social-emotional functioning

Adaptive functioning

The team specializes in the following conditions:

Autism Spectrum Disorder



Learning Disabilities

Anxiety Disorders

Social/Emotional Concerns

Developmental Concerns

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