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We Offer Individualized Treatment Plans for Speech Therapy

Cornerstone Therapeutic Services provides Speech and Language programs for children and young adults. Speech therapy addresses the areas of weakness in an individual’s development and helps close the gap. A speech and language evaluation can identify the areas of strengths and weakness to provide a direction for developing an age-based competency. If you suspect that your child is falling behind in their communication skills, you should schedule an appointment with us right away.

When Should You Contact Us?

The following are some of the areas where your child can benefit from speech therapy:

If they are having difficulty understanding or following directions

If they are having difficulty expressing himself

If they struggle with peer interactions

If they are having difficulty with articulation

If they are having difficulty with nonverbal communication, such as eye contact

If they are having difficulty understanding higher-level language, such as making inferences

In-depth Assessments Along with Specialized Programs

Cornerstones Therapeutic Services also offers in-depth assessments with specialized, one-on-one intervention for children and young adults. We take great pride in providing a therapy program that is both nurturing and positive for your child. We work closely with parents to get the ‘big picture’ of the child’s communication capabilities and provide a clear-cut course of action to address the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Proper training and support is also providedto parents with what’s needed to help their children practice between sessions.

How We Can Help

Our Therapists are experts at working closely with individuals who exhibit difficulties in these areas:

Receptive and expressive language delays


Stuttering and fluency

Social/Pragmatic language Improve the legibility of handwriting


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Our team of speech language pathologists work closely with individuals and their families to develop plans, prioritize goals, and incorporate effective activities for your children at home so that they can be a successful communicator.

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At Cornerstones Therapeutic Services, our therapy programs are designed to fit the needs and requirements or each individual child as this ensures they get the best possible care.

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