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At Cornerstones Therapeutic Services, we draw upon a variety of methods to determine the appropriate activities a child needs to make developmental gains. Our therapy programs are designed to fit the needs and requirements of your child, and parental involvement and home programming are part of each child’s therapy services. This ensures that they get the best care possible and can excel in their everyday tasks.

Home Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy program works with the parents, teachers and caregivers of children and young adults to facilitate andencourage their participation with activities in everyday life. Learning the skills taught by an occupational therapist is crucial for a child to have a meaningful life and reach their full potential

When Should You Contact Us?

The following are some of the areas where your child can benefit from occupational therapy:

If they are having difficulty copying letters or shapes

If they are having trouble during meal times or fatigue after meals

If they are finding it difficult to use eating utensils after an appropriate age

If they are having trouble with coordination or balance

If they seem to be lacking in social development with their peers

If they seem to have difficulty listening and following instructions

If they are having trouble grasping age-appropriate information

If they are having difficulty demonstrating self-regulation skills

How Your Child Benefits?

What can our Therapists help your child with though our occupational therapy program?

Learn self-help skills, such as dressing or feeding, so that your child can become more

Improve the legibility of handwriting

Improve their social and peer interaction skills

Improve executive functioning skills, such as regulation, organization, and planning

Develop sensory and motor skills

Boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence in everyday tasks

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At Cornerstones Therapeutic Services, our therapy programs are designed to fit the needs and requirements or each individual child as this ensures they get the best possible care.

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