Applied Behavior Analysis

At Cornerstones, we understand how difficult it can be for a parent to receive an autism diagnosis for their child. The good thing is that there are a range of treatments available for autism that can help your child overcome the difficulties they are facing

One of the most effective treatments is Applied Behavior Analysis, commonly known as ABA. This method allows children with autism todevelop required skills and curtail troubling behaviors, and has been found to be effective with different levels of autism.


Cornerstones has a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts who are well-versed in techniques used in ABA, and knows the best way of their implementation based on the child’s individual personality and the surrounding environment.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) focuses on interventions that are derived from the principles of a branch of science, known as Behavior Analysis. Behavior Analysis utilizes scientific methods to analyze human behavior. ABA is the practical application of learning and motivation principles from Behavior Analysis through tried and tested procedures and technology that has a positive impact on children’s developmental trajectory.

A treatment program based on ABA entails a carefully designed, systematic teaching approach comprising of small, easy-to-learn skills and behaviors. Behavior therapists explore the causes of a certain behavior or shortcoming and develop interventions based on their analysis. Interventions can be as simple as rewarding or praising a child for motivation and encouraging them to exhibit the same behavior constantly.

ABA programs are customized to befit the unique developmental needs of each child. Each skill is practiced in different scenarios by providing multiple opportunities and progress is measured in order to make a well-grounded decision for making adjustments to the treatment plan.

ABA and Autism

ABA offers much more than a set of interventions for children with autism – it can be used for treating many developmental deficiencies, such as eating disorders. A wide range of ABA techniques can be used for building useful skills in children. A few of these techniques include shaping, modeling, reinforcement, chaining, fading, prompting, task analysis, and discrimination learning, using teaching programs. By picking the right set of techniques, a behavior analyst can help a child learn daily living skills, treat challenging behavior, and improve skill acquisition over a wide range of development areas.

At Cornerstones, our behavior therapists are trained and qualified for performing behavioral assessments, evaluating data, writing treatment plans, training parents for their involvement in implementing treatment plans, and including new practices according to child’s response to the treatment. We offer the convenience of offering our services in your home, where your child feels most comfortable. We encourage parents to play active roles in the implementation of ABA-based treatment plans, as it can expedite the learning process and make the child more comfortable.

If you want to learn more about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and how it can help your child excel, you should talk to our experienced and friendly behavior analysts. Contact Cornerstones today at 855-855-2712 to discuss your needs.

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