Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental disability that primarily affects a person’s ability tonaturally communicate and interact with other people, and relate to their surrounding environment. The word spectrum indicates that people may experience a range of difficulties at varying degrees, and may be affected in a different way than other individuals with autism.


Signs generally appear during early childhood and stay throughout adulthood, unless it is treated using the right treatments. Research has shown that early intervention in children can have positive long-term outcomes, and can dramatically improve the chances of treating the condition.

However, the first step to helping your child with their disability is proper diagnosis.

Here are a few warning signs and symptoms that may indicate your child could have autism:

Impaired Communication Skills (Infants)

Your child may have autism if they do not:

Coo or babble by 12 months

Use single words by 1 year or 16 months

Use any words or gestures by 1 year

Use 2-words or phrases by 2 years

Impaired Social Communication Skills

Your child may have autism if they do not:

Make eye contact

Share interests

Respond to their name right away (may appear deaf at times)

Search for hidden objects

Interact with family members or peers, and prefer to stay alone

Show interest in things

Restricted or Repetitive Behaviors

Your child may have autism if they exhibit behaviors like:

Resisting change in routine activities

Repetitive body movements such as teeth grinding, rocking, toe walking, spinning, or hand flapping

Focus on specific objects, such as switchboards, wheels of a cycle, or pushing buttons

Other Signs and Behaviors

Sleeping difficulties

Extreme tantrums or short temperament

Sensory concerns, like sensitivity to certain tastes, noises, touch, smells, or lights

If you have observed your child showing all or a few of these signs, they may be suffering from autism. You should consider consulting an experienced and reliable autism services provider who will help guide you in obtaining a diagnosis and start your child’s treatment through an early intervention program.

Dedicated Autism Treatment Services in Friendly Settings

At Cornerstones, we understand that every child is unique and special. We create a tailored intervention plan for each child that is designed to address their specific needs.The goal of our autism services is to help your child develop a range of skills, such as socializing, communication, learning, and emotional recognition, as well as diminish challenging or peculiar behaviors.

To provide convenience to parents and treat children in a friendly, natural setting, we provide our autism services in your home. We believe that for our treatment and therapies to have maximum effect, children should be in a setting where they are comfortable and are familiar with the environment. This allows for learning and laughter to coexist, while creating a play-based, child-centric modality of treatment. Our staff is experienced and trained in creating and identifying natural opportunities, and turning each session into enriched therapeutic experiences for children.

If you’d like to learn more about Cornerstones Autism Services or specific programs, you should contact us today at to discuss your situation and get insights into how we can help your child.

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