Behavioral Therapy

A child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can greatly benefit from early intervention through an effective treatment plan designed and implemented by a behavior therapist. It is extremely difficult to completely cure autism, but with the help from the right autism services, you can significantly reduce or eliminate the symptoms through various interventions.

ABA Therapy

One of the most successful approaches for helping children with autism is behavioral therapy. Most people think that such therapies are designed for children with challenging behaviors – that is not the case. Behavioral therapy comprises of a set of techniques that improve learning, social, and communication skills, and help children overcome developmental issues caused by ASD.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts at Cornerstones provide children with autism evidence-based behavioral therapy. We also train parents, caregivers, and family members in using these techniques so that they have a strong positive impact on the child. A well-thought-out plan for constant and timely implementation of the right behavioral interventions can often provide the best, long-term results.

ABA – The Most Effective Evidence-Based Behavioral Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the most researched intervention for autism that has been used by specialists for over 50 years. It is highly structured, evidence-based approach that teaches communication, academics, self-care, social and basic living skills, and can also help with eliminating undesirable behaviors. There is a lot of research available to show the effectiveness of ABA for the treatment of children with autism.

In ABA, teaching programs are broken down into small components or modules, where a child focuses on learning certain related skills and behaviors, mastering them, and then moving on to the next stage. This is done through reinforcement, motivation, and repetition to encourage learning, preferably in settings where the child feels most comfortable.

How Cornerstones Can Help your Child with Autism

At Cornerstones, we believe that there is no-size-fits-all solution for treating autism, as every child is different and has unique needs. Our approach relies on thoroughly examining your child to determine their problematic areas. After conducting a complete behavioral assessment, we define the best techniques for your child and create a treatment plan that will address every issue in a systematic and organized way.

ABA is suitable for both mild and severe autism. Generally, extensive one-on-one therapy sessions, spanning for 20 to 40 hours a week are recommended for children, depending on the severity of the condition. This therapy has been found to be most effective when parents also participate in the process. Our behavior therapist can train parents in how they can continue to provide ABA-based therapy at home. This allows your child to firmly grasp the skills and to apply them in naturally occurring situations.

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If your child is exhibiting symptoms of autism, it is best that you consult with one of our experienced and friendly behavior analysts who can help guide you in obtaining a proper diagnosis. They will help you understand the severity of autism in your child, and provide you insights into what Cornerstones autism services would be recommended. For more information, you should contact Cornerstones today at 855-855-2712.

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