Importance of In-Home Therapy

At Cornerstones, we understand that autism not only affects the child, but the entire family. We have seen children with autism respond to treatments and therapies better when they are given in a natural, functional setting – which is why we offer our autism services in your child’s home. We realize that when parents are around, children tend to perform better in therapy sessions, as they gain confidence and a sense of security and safety. And we use this to your advantage!


We have designed highly versatile flexible treatment programs that offer the same practice model as our facility-based care, but have been modified to provide a productive and fun learning environment at home. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts create opportunities from your surroundings that allow children with autism to respond naturally and overcome the hurdles of their disabling condition.

How Cornerstones Autism Services Provide In-Home Aba Therapy

The first step is to perform a detailed initial assessment where our behavior analystevaluates the child’s abilities and challenging behaviors, and selects the most effective treatment methods, while keeping in mind the in-home environment. This allows us to create a tailored intervention plan that is designed to address the specific needs of your child.

While we focus on increasing their social skills, breaking down barriers to socializing and overcoming problematic behaviors, we utilize this opportunity to work on your child’s specialized skills like performing daily activities and self-care. We also find ways to engage parents and siblings in the therapy, so that your child has a better chance of learning and responding to the treatment.

We understand that open communication with parents is the key to success, as it allows us to better understand the child’s needs. We also keep parents in the loop at all times, and encourage them to observe and show involvement during sessions. We regularly evaluate your child’s progress, and make adjustments to treatment methods so as to smoothly transition to advanced levels. Over time, parents will start noticing a difference in the child’s behavior and actions with improvement in:

Social skills

Family interactions

Verbal behavior


Self-help skills


In-home therapy offers the most effective setting for imparting household and daily living skills to children, as it allows thebehavior analystto implement interventions in a natural way as opportunities come up during the session.

How Parental Involvement Contributes to the Success of In-Home Therapy

The parent-child relationship is the building block for a child’s behavioral and social development. The National Professional Development Center has included parental involvement in interventions as an effective practice for helping children with autism. In-home therapies provide more opportunities for a parent to play a significant part during sessions, thereby enabling behavior therapiststo reinforce interventions and improve chances of the child adapting to the learned behavior.

If you’d like to discuss Cornerstones’ in-home therapy and how it can help your child, contact us today to discuss your child’s needs.

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In HomeABA Therapy

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