Indicators that Show Your Child has Impaired Communication Skills

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Special children have certain characteristics. However, you may not be able to identify them in some cases. A special child needs special attention and a delay in finding out that your child has impaired communication skills can be detrimental to their health and community participation. Here, we share some key indicators that you can use and find out whether your child has some temporary issue or suffers from impaired communication skills.

Lack of Sounds

A key indicator that your child may be impaired is if they show lack of sounds during their early growing age. Young children learn to speak in a gradual manner. It all starts with producing random sounds at the age of a few months. They then start to develop from their and turn them into words that they hear.

Not Talking to Friends

Impaired communication skill is best shown when you find that your child does not talk with their friends and family. You will find that they are interested in what the children are doing, but cannot seem to ascertain how to talk with them, because they have a communication issue. If you find this sign in your child, you should immediately take the help of a therapy service provider to help your child to improve their current level of communication.

Unclear Speech

A key sign that you can easily identify is that when your child produces a speech which is difficult for you to understand. This may mean that your child babbles but cannot produce the words and sounds that they normally hear around them, even they are over three years old. This is a strong sign that you should get ABA therapy and control these communication problems before they become too strong to fight and rectify.


If your child often stutters and repeats the initial sound of a word, then it means that they may have impaired communication skills. However, many children without an impairment may also develop a stutter which goes away with time. You should ask different words or hold a communication. If your child keeps stuttering in every sentence, then it may be the right time to local a therapy service provider and get the help that you need.

Fragmented Speech

Another sign that you should look for is fragmented speech. This is a sign which indicates that your child uses broken sentences and describes situations in short phrases that may not deliver the complete information about the situation as well. This is termed as aphasia and describes a communication problem.

Remember, this sign shows that you should immediately contact therapy service providers and help your child as much as you can in order to lead a normal life and enjoy communicating with peers of the same age group.

The Solution

It is good to know about these signs, but your goal should always be about resolving the lack of communication skills. One of the best ways of resolving them is to obtain ABA therapy. An ideal way would be to obtain in-home therapy sessions, which are easier for your child and deliver the maximum performance. Cornerstones Autism Services provides customized care for all special individuals living throughout the greater Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana.

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