Should Siblings Participate in ABA Therapy Sessions?

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a strong method of understanding the therapeutic needs of an autistic child and then delivering therapy sessions that provide considerable improvement. Autistic children find it difficult to interact with new people and it is certainly an interesting idea to include people like parents and siblings during therapy sessions. We believe that the answer to our question is yes, due to the following reasons:

Open Atmosphere

ABA therapy sessions perform the best when they are delivered in an open environment, where the affected child is as comfortable as possible. We believe in ideal, in-home ABA therapy sessions and this is highly desirable by placing the siblings within the setting. This soothes the child and helps the therapist in creating and implementing a detailed plan for enhancing and improving the social capabilities of the child receiving the treatment.

An open atmosphere allows siblings to become accustomed to how the therapist is offering help to their brother or sister. This, in turn, teaches them the manners and the practices that they then must follow in everyday life. An autistic child can certainly improve a lot quicker when the behavior therapy is constantly enhanced and exercised by members of the family as well as the professional caretaker.

Sibling Pairing

If siblings participate in ABA therapy sessions, it becomes easier for parents and the therapist to create a pairing for the autistic child. When paired with a non-autistic child, an autistic child has been known to show quicker progress. It allows them to gain better communication skills as they learn to get their message across to their sibling partner.

Autistic children love their siblings just as any other kid would, but find it difficult to present it due to decreased mental and behavioral development. When their siblings are present during the ABA therapy sessions, it is easier for them to bond with them and learn to show their affection. Your paired sibling can also learn how to take care of their autistic sibling, when they find out relevant information from a trained ABA therapist.

Maximum Benefit

Siblings are the ones who spend the most amount of time with your autistic child. They have the maximum capacity to provide therapeutic benefits. ABA therapists love to employ siblings in the in-home therapy sessions, as it gives them leverage and more room for implementing innovative measures for improving the behavior of an autistic child. It is not their duty though to ask for an available sibling. Acting proactively as a parent and helping your autistic child by having a child participate in the therapy, ensures that maximum performance is possible with each ABA therapy session.


Siblings spend more time with their autistic brother or sister than the therapist. They may have developed communication patterns that are unique in each case. An ABA therapist can use these primitively established communication channels to deliver the ideal behavior therapy to an autistic child. This certainly accelerates their improvement in using typical communication patterns and methods.

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