Supporting my Child Throughout Life Transitions

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Your child will undergo many transitions, from early intervention to entering the school environment to transitioning to the adult world. Navigating supportive services and the right school placement can be challenging for any parent, let alone a parent of a child with a developmental disability. This is a helpful resource as a parent so you can begin to think about your child’s development and the action steps encouraged through each developmental milestone. This resource includes important information on:

-Timeline of steps you are encouraged to take as your child develops

-Organizing important papers starting at birth and throughout your child’s life

-Information on how best to keep your child safe (including emergency and sexual safety)

-Information on the IEP (Individual Educational Plan) process in the state of Illinois

-Becoming an advocate for your child throughout the IEP process

-How to support your child as they approach adulthood

-Considering job placement and housing options for your child as they turn into an adult

-And much more

Click here to view “A Workbook and Guide to Adult Life for Individuals, Students & Families”

Cornerstones is committed to supporting your child and adult throughout their development, from infancy to adulthood. Our team of dedicated professionals can support you as you walk through each stage of your child’s development, and help link you to supportive services and providers. If you have any questions regarding your child’s development and transitional services, we are hear to listen and support you throughout the process. You can contact the clinical director, Ginny Nikiforos (LCSW, BCBA), at or directly at 773-726-4832.


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