Yareli, Behavioral Therapist
I just wanted to share how awesome seeing MO today was! Yareli has done such a great job with him that when we started with him he was pretty much non verbal and now is tacting random items, saying many words, manding with one word and his words are shaping up to be so much more clearer!! Yareli has made the naturalistic teaching setting very fun and has made so many opportunities to run the programs in different ways using his motivation as a motive to learn she really demonstrates great clinical skills! I just wanted to give her a huge shout out because our little client is excelling so fast! I am excited to get to program even more for him and move onto more expressive targets!!! 😊
Gwen, Behavioral Therapist
I would like to take this time to acknowledge a therapist that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for nearly a year now. Gwen is an amazing therapist and will soon be a BCBA herself. She helped one of our younger kiddos accomplish many developmental milestones including potty training and is now doing even better work with one of our older more aggressive clients. Gwen has only been working with DR for a few weeks when he began exhibiting some pretty aggressive behaviors. I checked in on Gwen to see if she would be interested in changing teams due to the clients age and behaviors however not only has Gwen stayed on as his therapist she has found several effective ways to decrease his behaviors as well as improve his performance. Gwen, thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to our clients. 

Lori, Behavioral Therapist
I would like to take this time to acknowledge one of our newer therapist and clients on their rapid success and amazing work with one of our kiddos. Lori has only worked with CJ for a month however she has already created an amazing bond and rapport with him. Lori and the client work very well together and she is excellent at working through some of his emotional meltdowns or behaviors. CJ has made tremendous progress in just 4 weeks and is constantly mastering his goals. Lori, thank you so much for your amazing work with CJ.

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